£250 winner

Loto Lwcus - another win for the Community

31 May 2022

Loto Lwcus is celebrating a double win for the Community.  Loto Lwcus is the online sustainable fundraising solution provided by CVSC to help support local good causes in a fun and safe way.  Play for weekly cash prizes and help to support your local community.

This week's winner's comments:  I support Stepping Stones, a local charity who provide free counselling to adult survivors of sexual abuse and their partners and families in North Wales. I heard about Loco Lottery on their Facebook page, I'd seen someone had won £25.

I support Stepping Stones as I am a survivor myself and understand the impact abuse had on your adult life. At 26 I disclosed to a partner and sought counselling myself. Its hard to describe the trauma I felt at the time, access to specialist support services just like Stepping Stones literally put me back together again, helped me rebuild my life and deal with all of the challenges and issues that come with disclosure.  Although that was 14 years ago that support made me the person I am today - I know that Stepping Stones change lives like mine every single day.

In the first month of joining the lottery I won £25, I also won some free tickets for the next month. Then this month I received two emails saying I'd won two prizes of £250 - amazing! 

It's lovely to win and doubly sweet that it's a charity lottery with a cause so close to my heart. 

What's good about this particular lottery is that you can choose your charity to contribute to. It doesn't just all go into one pot...and I can confirm from my experience that people really do win!!!




Our causes are on track to raise £9,297.60 this year

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Our causes are on track to raise £9,297.60 this year

16.56% Complete

298 tickets of our 1,800 ticket goal